Welcome To Conduit Ventures Limited

Conduit Ventures Limited (“Conduit”) is an independent fund manager that invests capital in high growth companies worldwide with technologies that address critical issues in the power and energy value-chain to improve efficiency and optimize supply. Our capital is sourced from top tier industrial groups, sovereign wealth funds and institutional investors. We aim to achieve superior returns by capturing growth opportunities cross-border through knowledge, market and technology bridging and deployment. We build successful companies by providing the platform for growth, including long-term capital, emerging market access and value added support. Our investment scope is built around demand driven technologies with rapid and scalable market deployment across different markets and applications.

Through its investment in RTI Exploration, a company owning and deploying innovative cutting edge technology centred on the identification of previously unknown aquifers (and other natural resources), we have created a strategic partnership to collaborate on water projects around the world for human consumption, industry and renewable power. Together with partners,  RTI designs, develops and manages solutions for water production while taking into account social and environmental impact, in addition to promoting sustainable economic development.

Founded in 2001, Conduit invests in innovation based solutions from its first and second primary funds, side funds and funds under advisory.  We operate out of offices in London and Shanghai, the latter in partnership with the Government investment group – the Shanghai Science and Technology Investment Corporation (“SSTIC”). Conduit is also in a strategic alliance partnership with the National Technologies Enterprise Company of Kuwait (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kuwait Investment Authority). Conduit was also appointed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to manage in China – with local government – an innovation program to create an enabling eco-system which supports the adoption of sustainable energy solutions. Conduit is UK FCA regulated.

Our goal is to provide solid returns to our investors by targeting the best and most ambitious entrepreneurs and working with them to build successful companies. With successful entrepreneurs comes success for our investors and the team.

We work closely with our investee companies through the application of industry best practices by leveraging our global strategic investor base and network. The team includes experienced persons with relevant sector and cross-border expertise.

What We Do

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