About Us


Sustainable growth in any modern economy is dependent upon the ability to deliver reliable, cost competitive and environmentally sustainable energy and water. Across the world increased water demand from rapid urbanisation and climate change is placing considerable stress on supplies.  Businesses, municipalities and industries are recognizing that water quality and supply cannot be taken for granted.  As more recent events have demonstrated, security of supply of fresh water is not only critical for human consumption but also for production and profitability of several industries.   Industries and governments are increasingly adopting a strategic approach to water usage and management in order to maximize efficiency and to mitigate the risk of disruption which could arise from shortages and/or changes to quality. The investment opportunities are extraordinary because many new materials and technologies are reshaping the power, water and energy industries to meet increasing demand. Most of this demand is coming from transition economies where growth is rapid. For example, in optimization solutions which address energy efficiency (including up-and-downstream processes in the oil & gas and power sectors) and the substitution that provides reliable low carbon alternatives, significant benefits are currently being generated from incremental advancements in technologies.

The future of energy is one of innovation and technology deployment which results in changes; and changes provide opportunities. We have historically invested in critical points along the value chain in collaboration with our strategic alliance partners in order to deliver credible business solutions in key growth markets. This augments our extensive experience and  network in deploying technology solutions into the market.

Investment strategy

Our investment strategy is based on a focused perspective and experience designed to create value and generate superior returns by operating as a collaborative partner with our portfolio companies, co-investors and other stakeholders. We apply industry best practices and leverage our strong presence in Europe, the GCC and China to source and create sustainable businesses.

We are long-term investors. We maintain a relatively small and stable investor base almost all of whom have been with us since inception. This gives us the confidence and flexibility to better align the interests of all constituents, through working closely with our portfolio companies and Limited Partners on investments and strategic initiatives. Such intimacy we find leads to better information sharing and judgment with fewer surprises over the lifetime of the investments.

We seek to work with entrepreneurs with ambitious ideas and we aim to help them bring those ideas with significant upside potential to fruition. Such ideas and innovative new technologies as well as new business models which for example, result in shared rewards between suppliers and end-user customers.

What we do:

I. Energy Venture & Growth Capital Investments

  • We believe the future of energy will continue to be driven by innovation and that a mix of ALL types of energy will be required – fossil fuel, hydrogen, renewables – in the transition towards lower carbon, reliable and better economic solutions.
  • Our focus is on innovation based solutions which significantly improve productivity, OPEX & CAPEX efficiency, while at the same time reduce environmental footprint. Synergies build up within this focus platform across geographic markets and industries. In this context Water, Power and Energy are addressed as different sides of the same CO2 coin.
  • We execute on the basis that successful financial returns are strongly correlated and interdependent with generating strategic impact.  To this end we work closely with strategic groups across the investment life cycle
  • We operate alongside select strategic alliance partners as an innovation bridge between Europe, the GCC and Asia including China.  Our approach is designed to address the “choke points” which hinder the growth of promising young growth companies.
  • The objective is to generate significant financial returns through the following mechanisms: (i) accelerate market adoption, (ii) capture inherent growth within key industries and markets while at the same time, (iii) minimize project risk.

II. Monitoring and Advisory Services to sovereign institutions

  • We have strategic alliances with sovereign institutions of Kuwait, China and Russia for the provision of investment sourcing, monitoring and advice.  These alliances operate off platforms designed to foster collaboration through technology solutions transfer, meet/create demand and grow businesses with strategic impact

III. Projects

  • On a selective basis we will develop and execute on projects with third parties – including our strategic partners – employing technology transfer and standard project finance solutions.  Such projects can involve portfolio companies.  Geographic areas include Sub-Saharan Africa, the GCC and Asia.