Sector Scope

The energy debate remains centered on the migration towards cleaner energy without sacrificing living standards. We take a view that comprehensive energy transitions take several generations and there is no single solution which will resolve all energy challenges. Rather, the interaction of different enabling technologies could result in an outcome far greater than the sum of the individual components would suggest. Our focus centers on developing strategic regional platforms to facilitate commercial and technology deployment.

We look at technologies which address ‘choke points’ in power solutions, water and oil & gas:

  • Power (including Hybrid) & Storage Solutions

Materials advancement, superior processes, maturing integration technologies and progressive infrastructure deployment are helping lower costs and improve performances and scalability

  • Oil & Gas Technology Solutions (conventional and unconventional)
  • Water Solutions: Many economies are water stressed slowing business and economic growth. We invest in solutions which alleviate these issues, generate OPEX/CAPEX benefits and at the same time reduce environmental footprint.

Innovation in material science and services are progressively unblocking bottlenecks resulting in improvement of net efficiency, access and increased supply in the energy and water industries.

We focus our investments in Europe while creating projects in the GCC states and Asia through bridging the transfer of technology solutions and working with our alliance partners. We are neutral on the stage of investment and will consider early to late stage investments; the key facets being the attributes and commercial viability of the technology solutions, the right mix of people and the willingness and openness to work with us towards a mutually desired objective.