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Decentralised Power

  • Energy Decarbonisation

  • Hydrogen

  • Fuel Cells

The central issue is migrating towards cleaner energy without asking the consumer to sacrifice lifestyle standards. Conduit is a pioneer investor in distribution of hydrogen and fuel cell centric platforms that generate low carbon energy across different markets and economic ecosystems, many of which have become market leaders today. There is no single solution to today’s energy challenges, and it cannot happen overnight. Instead, we interact with different solutions and combine their forces in order to facilitate the best possible outcome, which could be ameliorated and eventually perfected by future generations of innovators. Energy insecurity carries a massive social and economic cost. We work in conjunction with both the public and private sector to decentralise energy to meet growing demand while simultaneously improving energy security and sustainability.

Water Risks and Food Security

Reliable, safe and sustainable access to fresh water is not only a necessity for the agricultural sector – it is intrinsic to the maintenance of economic growth across the board. We design, develop and manage strategic water investments globally, through the collaboration with strategic innovation and entrepreneurial-driven water companies.   Over time, we aim to develop a strong portfolio of water assets across several aquifers in strategic parts of the world (e.g. Middle East, Latin America, South Africa, India), henceforth empowering new revenue generating opportunities across all sectors, including agriculture.


Digital and Sustainability

  • Intelligent Low Carbon Mobility

  • High Efficiency Energy Storage and

  • Management & Related Digital enabled markets

Estimates have shown that road traffic still accounts for about 80 percent of CO2 emissions on a global scale. Transportation efficiency and environmental sustainability continue to present big challenges globally.  Reform requires convergence of several different solutions. As vehicles evolve, they incorporate new tech, ranging from chemical, to electrical/mechanical, to digital, which opens the doors for new players to join in, essentially resulting in disruptive business models on an unprecedented scale. We see the future of low carbon mobility not as a winner-takes-all silver bullet duel between electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells but both complimenting each other in an increasingly decarbonized future. Hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles have already found their way into select markets across Asia, Europe and North America, while still service as range extenders in EVs.

With renewable energy production on the rise, reliable energy storage solutions become a necessity, especially when the sun is not shining, or the wind is not blowing. The absence of reliable storage solutions today creates innovative infrastructure opportunities such as Power-to-X applications.

We focus our investments on Europe, while creating projects in the GCC states, Asia and Africa, through bridging the technology solutions and working with our alliance partners. We are neutral on the stage of investment and will consider early to late stage investments; the key facets being the attributes and commercial viability of the technology solutions, the right mix of people and the willingness and openness to work with us towards a mutually desired objective.

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