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Ballard Power Systems and Forsee Power Enter Long-Term Strategic Partnership

The Canadian PEM fuel cell tech leader Ballard Power Systems envisions investing in the upcoming IPO of Forsee Power, a leader in battery technology for electric vehicles and smart mobility. The premise is to integrate and combine the fuel cell and electric battery technologies, primarily for efficiency optimisation of hydrogen-powered HGV's, as well as medium-sized modes of transport, such as busses, trains, trucks and off-road vehicles.

Following the model of hydrogen-electric powertrains, where the H2-powered fuel cell generates electricity, which is then used to power the vehicle itself through the battery, Ballard and Forsee aim to combine their technologies and know-how, specifically with EMS, to then develop, manufacture, market and then distribute their products.

Ballard plans to invest €40m into Forsee's initial public offering on the Euronext in Paris.

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