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Surge in Europe Natural Gas Prices Make 'Green Hydrogen' Production More Economically Viable


Currently high natural gas prices in Europe have made it comparatively cheaper to produce 'green hydrogen', as opposed to it's grey and blue H2 counter-parts, made from methane.

Calculations made by an Australian math-as-a-service company revealed, using assumptions such as electricity and natural gas prices, that the production-per-kilogram of green hydrogen could be as much as €2.36 cheaper than grey hydrogen, and €2.03 cheaper than blue hydrogen. This is in response to the the now €60-per-tonne price-tag on natural gas.

While this reality is heavily reliant on the price of fossil fuel (meaning that should the price drop, these figures would be subject to change), it still demonstrates that renewable energies and decarbonised power are advancing in importance and relevance, and that a future where the economical viability of hydrogen energy sources is far closer than we anticipate.

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